• Insurtech, risk, weather, big data, insurance, weather analytics Weather Risk and Big Data (6/1/2018)

    Weather Analytics (soon to be Athenium Analytics after our acquisition of and merger with Athenium! BIG NEWS) has joined the Weather Risk Management Association (WRMA) and will attend the 20th WRMA conference June 6th-8th in Miami, FL. Weather Analytics is advancing the services and sectors covered under the weather […]

  • Hurricane Forecasting BACK TO THE FUTURE: 
    A Look Back on Forecasting Hurricane Harvey

    Hurricane Harvey made its mark on history as one of the most devastating hurricanes to hit a coastal region of the United States. It stands as a powerful reminder to insurers about the value of early – and accurate – warnings of landfall. While hurricane season remains open, a fresh take […]

  • Computer Vision Comes of Age (2/13/2017) Computer vision is all the rage in tech. Relying on algorithms to review and make judgment calls on a category of images presents a host of new applications in the consumer and business-to-business market. Combining imagery analytics with weather and atmospheric analytics, computer-vision will soon be reality at leading-edge insurance companies.

    Property and casualty insurance firms have an increased appetite for this kind of imagery analytics. While they’ve built massive property portfolios, full of extensive property-feature information, much of this data collection has happened over extended periods of time – through a sea change of technological advances, changing demographics, and portfolio acquisitions. All of this stands against a risk landscape of natural catastrophes, convective storms, wildfires, and other environmental perils that are rapidly changing. The ‘known-knowns’ of typical property portfolio exposures are shifting. But upgrading these massive portfolios is no small task.

  • Why we care about GOES-R (12/19/2016)


    It has been 6 years since the U.S. sent a geostationary (one that moves with the rotation of the Earth) satellite into orbit for the purpose of atmospheric observation and data collection.  On November 19th, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration […]

  • Data Visualization CO2 Emissions v. Vulnerability to Climate Change, by Nation (10/12/2015)

    Which nations are at the greatest vulnerability to the negative impacts of climate change? According to research, not the nations who caused it. MHA@GW, the online master of health administration from the Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University shared with us […]

  • Does NH Shine Bright Enough For SolarCity? (8/29/2015)

    Mapping the future of the marketplace throughout New Hampshire.


    According to SolarCity, one of the nation’s largest residential and commercial solar companies, they have recently entered the New Hampshire marketplace. “SolarCity will make it possible for many New Hampshire homeowners to install solar […]

  • Why Weather Analytics: Dr. Ellen Cousins (4/30/2015)

    ‘Why Weather Analytics’ is a monthly series about all of the hackers, entrepreneurs, teachers, tornado-chasers and weatherheads who make up the body of Weather Analytics, how they got here, and why. Each month we’ll focus on a new employee, their story, and what about Weather Analytics pulled them in.


  • Weather Jams – Weather Data Sonification (4/15/2015)

    Weather Analytics is constantly striving to find new uses for our data, new tools to integrate into our array, and (most importantly) new ways to make our data accessible to the world at large.

    It only seemed natural then that we get creative and use data to make a song. […]

  • Introducing… Sharknado Risk Alerts (4/1/2015)

    Weather Analytics is excited to announce our latest weather intelligence product, Sharknado Risk Alerts.

    This innovative new product will initially provide information on four of the top five surface weather variables that impact the danger of Sharknados: Precipitation, Humidity, Temperature, and Wind Speed. The fifth variable (Wind Direction) will be […]

  • Ice Castle lit up at night Do You Want To Build an Ice Castle? (3/26/2015)

    Why build a snowman when you can build an ice castle? (Sorry Olaf).

    Ice Castles got their start in 2006 when creator Brent Christensen began creating vertical ice structures in his back yard with running water. The Ice Castles grew more grandiose with each passing year and he soon found […]

  • Duel in the Desert (1/27/2015)

    On February 1st, 2015, the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks will leave their cool, wet climates to face each other in the barren desert of Arizona. These teams come from opposite sides of the country and experience different types of weather during their regular […]

  • Why Weather Analytics: Laci Videmsky (12/17/2014)

    ‘Why Weather Analytics’ is a monthly series about all of the hackers, entrepreneurs, teachers, tornado-chasers and weatherheads who make up the body of Weather Analytics, how they got here, and why.

    Each month we’ll focus on a new employee, their story, and what about […]

  • Here’s The Latest Weather Report.. (12/2/2014)

    Here’s where weather has come since the 50’s–stay tuned and we’ll show you where it’s going!

    Also–we really love his weather vane hat. We just might have to get some of those.

    Read more about The Weather Man here

  • Allison House vs. AllisonHouse (11/24/2014)

     Some days its hard to draw a line between visual design and weather data (even when that’s your job–like it is mine)


    Today is not one of those days.

    Allison House is the name of both a talented graphic designer for […]

  • Tale of Two Worlds: Insurance & Meteorology (11/13/2014)

    There is an obvious distinction between Insurance and Meteorology, but they can also run parallel to each other.

    I’m Alexandra Sammon, your Customer Support and Quality Assurance specialist for Weather Analytics.  I worked in the insurance industry for almost 6 years while earning my degree in […]

  • Wallenda’s Walk over the Windy City: How Windy? (10/29/2014)

    [su_pullquote align=”right”] “I’ve trained all my life not to be distracted by distractions.” Nik Wallenda [/su_pullquote]

    Stunt devil Nik Wallenda plans to walk the tightrope over the city of Chicago on November 2nd, only about a year and a half after his last historic walk that took place […]