A forensic claims tool designed for insurance professionals.

Dexter represents an innovative new method of verifying weather related P&C insurance claims as well as verifying weather related crop insurance claims. Weather Analytics has developed a weather intelligence system that provides precise, hourly historical weather information and delivers decision-ready support in easy to understand reports.

Triage, Forensics, and Peril Analysis

With Dexter, claims departments can triage property and farm equipment damage claims and better manage their workflow. Leveraging state-of-the-science Doppler radar data, high-resolution model analyses, and storm spotter observations all on one platform, claims managers can confidently process verified claims more efficiently, focusing their time on potentially fraudulent claims – and expediting payments to policyholders with valid loss.

Risk Scoring

Using color-coded indicators, Weather Analytics scores claims based on overall likelihood of damage or loss due to weather, providing end-users with streamlined decision-making capabilities and claims triage. In a matter of seconds, this web-enabled solution can process a claim and provide a damage likelihood rating, magnitude of the peril, and the meteorological data that supports the assessment.

Reports that are easy to read, use, and share.

All reports in Dexter include easy-to-understand meteorological evidence documenting the occurrence of weather events, including: hail, rain, wind speed (including gusts) and temperature (high and low) across the contiguous United States. These reports provide hourly reporting in the 96-hour timespan surrounding the date and time of the reported loss. These reports can be viewed in your web browser, or exported as a PDF.

Geospatial Swath Visualizations

Dexter goes beyond the single point of a claim location. Our new map-based visualizations provide users with a 12-mile surrounding view of the storm or weather event.


This example highlights a hail claim indicating that damage due to hail is likely, and shows the movement of the hail storm during the 96-hour window.

Use Case

Following a large hail storm an insurance provider can easily check for damage over an entire portfolio of commercial properties using Dexter; by utilizing batch upload the entire book of business can be run at once – creating individualized reports for each property. In instances where severe hail damage is more than likely the insurance company may choose to notify the owner ahead of a claim being filed. Once the insureds have started filing numerous claims Dexter provides a clear path to where the most adjusters are needed.