Introducing… Sharknado Risk Alerts

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Weather Analytics is excited to announce our latest weather intelligence product, Sharknado Risk Alerts.

This innovative new product will initially provide information on four of the top five surface weather variables that impact the danger of Sharknados: Precipitation, Humidity, Temperature, and Wind Speed. The fifth variable (Wind Direction) will be rolled out in the first product update at the end of April, 2015.

These weather variables will be combined with data from the Sharknando Prediction Center’s hourly updated information on the likelihood of a Sharknado event to provide the end-user with a Sharknado Risk level score.

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As you can see in the sample screenshot from this new tool, the Sharknado Risk Alerts are ranked on a scale from 0-10 for a given location (up to a 10km x 10km area), with “0” indicating no risk, all the way up to “10” indicating a great peril. Each risk score provides a warning/alert for that particular location.

For instance, in the screenshot above with the Risk Alert score of 8, the tool indicates that, “We recommend that all citizens of the District of Columbia take immediate cover in their home, work or nearest fishing boat. ¬†Strong¬†sharknados with sharks up to 5,000 pounds and winds up to 300 mph expected throughout the day. ”

With an increased occurrence of Sharknado events in current years, we feel confident that these alerts will help provide people with the necessary information to plan and protect themselves. These weather variables, combined with frequently updated Sharknado information, and the ability to set custom alerts is completely new to the field of severe weather event alerting.


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(April Fools!)… we fooled ya … huh?