The Climate of Risk is Changing

In the U.S. alone, over one-third of the United States' GDP is impacted by weather. Harnessing historic weather and event data, fused with claims and loss data, can help organizations build predictive models to assess changing exposures and new opportunities. Weather Analytics helps carriers, brokers, and reinsurers protect their bottom line and grow their top line, all with easy-to-use, insurance-oriented web apps.

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Gauge Beacon Dexter

Our Approach

Perils come in all shapes and sizes. From forecasting hurricanes with over 90 ensemble members, to algorithmically calculating tornado damage paths, Weather Analytics uses the advances of the Cloud and state-of-the-industry data science to get you the answers you need. We fuse event data with high resolution topographical information to provide insights about threats to the property, casualty, crop, and specialty markets, the world over.

Who Uses Us?

Price better with statistically-stable, gap free weather and peril data, with a few clicks. Assess risk and changing exposures for CAT and subCAT events
Our high-resolution hail, rain, and wind data helps assess and triage claims caused from property or crop damaging weather conditions.

Never over-subscribe! Our analytics and reporting tools give carriers a window into their highest areas of exposure and highlights opportunities to expand programs.
Grow your customer channel! Be the first to provide specific weather conditions and alerts to policy-holders and aid in their weather mitigation activity.
The weather effects everything. Optimize your portfolios across sectors, programs, and geography. Calculate MPL without the black box! Leverage landfall probabilities from the world’s best hurricane and tropical storm ensemble forecast. Measure attritional losses over time – including those caused by convective systems, floods, and hail.


Assessing weather risk for underwriting can be difficult and tedious. Gauge allows insurers to strengthen their business portfolio by providing enhanced analysis of weather risk for multiple perils in an easy-to-use online application.

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With the ability to customize weather alerts, insurance companies can provide their users with calls to action – from alerting policyholders to move their cars inside to avoid damage from a likely hailstorm, to alerting store managers of freezing rain that might cause slips and falls.

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A forensic claims tool designed for insurance professionals. Dexter represents an innovative new method of verifying weather related P&C insurance claims as well as verifying weather related crop insurance claims.

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