Insight into the economic, political, and global ramifications of weather events

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Beacon Atlas


Access to decision-support tools provides essential insights into global weather trends from both a historical and forecast perspective. This level of weather intelligence highlights areas for improvement, such as potential disruptions in operations due to weather events and seasonal change. This is essential for insight into understanding the economic, political, and global ramifications of weather events. The Atlas and Beacon tools provide a comprehensive view of global weather and alerting capabilities.

We have a technology partnership with IQT as one of its portfolio companies. IQT is an independent, strategic investment firm founded by the CIA that identifies innovative technology solutions to support the broader U.S. intelligence community. Our work with IQT is focused on analysis and data manipulation. We fuse our global, hyper-local climate and atmospheric data with other data sources to assist in scenario planning and weather-enhanced situational awareness.


Atlas delivers you a world of weather. It is a comprehensive global database of weather, climate, geography, and ecosystem information that is primarily used for historical data analysis, trends analysis, investigation, and scenario planning. It provides a way to understand the impacts of weather on businesses and organizations by identifying risks and opportunities.

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Automate your forecasts. Pinpoint specific forecast weather events for key assets, locations, or policy holders and automatically send notifications to stakeholders. This rule-based forecast notification system helps you to anticipate potentially damaging weather conditions and identify and communicate favorable and unfavorable weather up to 7 days in advance.

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