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Traders and growers know the weather represents the greatest opportunity - and risk - in the agriculture sector. Fusing deep historic climate and weather data with field-specific crop data turns anticipations into predictions. Our suite of web-based, tablet-friendly tools provides actionable insights from state-of-the-industry crop yield forecasts, to fund designation optimization.

This example represents Brazil's Crop Susceptibility Index between the years 1980 through 2015.

Our Expertise

Global Crop Modeling

Yield Forecasts
Every crop has its own story, and lifecycle. Using regional crop data tied to historic weather conditions improves our ability to predict the next year's yield. From bumper crop to field-failure, Weather Analytics routinely benchmarks well against the world's leading crop forecasts.
Lifecycle Predictions
Whether anticipating the first Spring defrost, timing of pollination, or start of the year's harvest, the weather places a central role in the lifecycle of each crop. Using historic and predictive data fusion, Weather Analytics provides competitive insight into major crop events - building a regional pollen index or anticipating the next supply-chain rush.
Global Pricing
Yield asymmetries and global output of cash crops foretell price changes in the commodity market. Anticipating these changes ahead of time means commodity traders have the upper hand. Using proprietary weather analytics, our modeling produces price projections for any major global crop.

Crop Risk

Climate Change
Our deep historical weather and vegetation data tells the story of changing exposures, and risks, to many crops worldwide. Leveraging almost 40 years of historic data allows us to measure impacts of weather on regional productivity - from excessive drying to risk of crop disease, we use these indices to identify new trends in the global market.
High-Resolution Crop Damage
Need access to meteorologically-certified peril information? Our tools aid farmers, and crop insurers, with high-resolution crop-damaging perils on an hourly basis.
Sukhovey Drying Index
Measure of conditions of low relative humidity, high temperature and high wind speed.
Wheat-Staged Freeze Damage Index
Wheat is susceptible to different levels of cold, depending on the growth stage, time of year, snow cover and recent weather.
Disease Susceptibility Index
The Disease Susceptibility Index estimates the susceptibility of crops to disease growth. It's an index created by Weather Analytics' agriculture specialists.
This example represents the Disease Susceptibility Index of the province of Manitoba, Canada between the years 2005-2009 and 2010-2014.


Crop-Specific Forecasts
Leveraging the best global forecast data, our team of agronomists and meteorlogists have developed the world's first crop-peril specific forecasts, including conditions favorable for Hail and Frost.

Precision Agriculture Optimization


Atlas delivers you a world of weather. It is a comprehensive global database of weather, climate, geography, and ecosystem information that is primarily used for historical data analysis, trends analysis, investigation, and scenario planning. It provides a way to understand the impacts of weather on businesses and organizations by identifying risks and opportunities.

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Automate your forecasts. Pinpoint specific forecast weather events for key assets, locations, or policy holders and automatically send notifications to stakeholders. This rule-based forecast notification system helps you to anticipate potentially damaging weather conditions and identify and communicate favorable and unfavorable weather up to 7 days in advance.

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