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How climate change could counterintuitively feed some winter storms - WASHINGTON POST - Jan 4 2018 While the world is certainly experiencing an overall warming trend, much more goes into winter than temperature alone — snowfall depends on moisture in the atmosphere, and under climate change that is increasing. And snowy weather patterns depend on the large-scale flow of the atmosphere, which is changing too.
AND NOW FOR THE WEATHER - Insurance companies, too, are using weather data in clever ways. US-based Weather Analytics creates risk-assessment products from predictive weather models based on atmospheric data. “The weather impacts everything – from underwriting property and insuring against rainfall, to forecasting crop yields and planning exercises for national security,” says Cyrena-Marie Arnold, the company’s senior director of product sciences. “Our expertise comes in combining multiple sources of data to create genuinely useful information for our customers.” In the US, insurers pay about $2bn each year in compensation for vehicles damaged by hail.
Weather Analytics CTO talks Big Weather Data at Vermont Tech Jam - New Hampshire-based Weather Analytics has been very busy during the turbulent 2017 hurricane season. In this presentation organized by the Burlington Data Scientists group, Chief Technology Officer Tom Cecere explains how his company crunches weather data to provide storm-related predictive analytics. And he offers tips on how business owners and CEOs can find and hire data scientists to tackle industry-specific problems.
Weather Analytics Raises $17 million in Series B Funding - WASHINGTON, March 15, 2017 -- Weather Analytics, the leading provider of weather and predictive risk software for the insurance industry, announced today that global insurers Tokio Marine HCC and W. R. Berkley Corporation together have funded a $17 million Series B financing round. With the new capital, Weather Analytics' total funding now exceeds $30 million.
MARKETALERT: Zika Virus Part II -

Forecasting the spread of the Zika virus

Currently in the US, the Zika virus is spreading in certain states and creating an anxious environment for pregnant women. The mosquito transmitted illness has been of great concern for those traveling to impacted areas in Latin America, including Rio de Janiero, and [...]