Allison House vs. AllisonHouse

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 Some days its hard to draw a line between visual design and weather data (even when that’s your job–like it is mine)


Today is not one of those days.

Allison House is the name of both a talented graphic designer for companies such as Dropbox, Codeacemdy, and Treehouse, as well as the name of Weather Data company.  The only rational thing to do in this scenario is have the two duke it out until there is only one Allison House. Which will it be?


The Rules: Each of the Allison House’s will be judged on Versatility, Brand Appeal and Internet Exposure. They will be judged by the Weather Analytics Design & Marketing Team. The winner will get eternal internet fame and some tweets.


Versatility: Who has the most diverse variety of products, markets, fields, etc in their toolbelt?

Allison House: Capable across a variety of fields

AllisonHouse: Useful for a variety of verticals.

Winner: Tied


Brand Appeal: Who best expresses their core values, interests, and capabilities with their brand?

Allison House: Carries an air of professionalism, passion, and personability. Versed in her field, consistent across all channels.

AllisonHouse: Solid website, although not immediately accessible from a non-meteorological background.

Winner: Allison House





Internet Exposure: Who is most accessible online? This can be either SEO or just amount of websites on.

Allison House: Website, Twitter, Tumblr, Dribbl, Instagram.

AllisonHouse: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin

Winner: Allison House, on the ground that AllisonHouse’s Youtube hasn’t been updated in two years.



Allison at Origins, an event she founded while at Dropbox that celebrates women in Design.

Overall Winner:

Allison House! 


A tech demo by Allison House-clearly foreshadowing her victory here today.