Customer Case Study: PURE Insurance


It’s summer vacation time at your seasonal coastal home on Cape Cod. Your family home is in Colorado. As you’re relaxing with the kids, the last thing on your mind is the potential damage to your year-round home. If you happen to be insured with PURE Insurance, one of the fastest growing high-net-worth property carriers in the U.S., you can rest easy knowing that damaging weather events will be addressed and communicated in a timely manner.

Should anything happen back home, you’ll get an email notification on your phone letting you know of a major storm event. PURE can even assess the likelihood of hail damage to your roof and provide mitigation steps you can take to prevent further damage—so you can get back to relaxing.

How does PURE do it? 

In the insurance business, retention is everything—and for PURE Insurance, that means member engagement. Providing best-in-class services helps delight PURE’s customers so they want to stay with the company—and maybe even refer others.



PURE uses Weather Analytics’ post-event forensics application, Dexter, to determine the overall impact of major storms, including hail. Many of PURE’s customers own multiple properties and may not even be present at a damaged home. High-resolution hail data, available the day after an event, allows PURE to respond—both providing valuable information to their customer, and mitigating the risk of prolonged damage due to inattention.

Get in front of the claim

Across PURE’s portfolio, almost 30,000 homes are in high-risk hail zones (those zones, by the way, can be determined easily by Weather Analytics’ peril risk solution, Gauge). With online, easy-to-use solutions from Weather Analytics, PURE can effectively manage the risks facing these properties, without needing to expand their resources internally.

By the numbers:

During the May hail storm in the greater Denver area—where PURE holds 2,700 property policies, the company was able to determine that only 27 of them—1% of total insured—were likely to be affected by the event.

Prior to using Dexter, PURE Insurance had to notify and review every policy within the greater storm path.
“The value from these products is two-fold. First, it brings state-of-the-industry information to our fingertips— information that didn’t exist, or wasn’t accessible before,” Senior Business Analyst James Pozzi explains. “But it’s also fast. Using connected mapping tools gives us insights quickly—and there’s nothing better than alerting your customers to a situation before they even know about it themselves.”

The future:

As a leader in integrated environmental risk management solutions, Weather Analytics offers a range of plug-and-play web apps to help insurance carriers and risk managers grow their top line while cutting costs. For PURE Insurance, introducing high-resolution claims verification tools is only the beginning. With their accelerated vertical and horizontal growth, PURE needs applications that can deliver underwriting intelligence in seconds. They have also begun integrating our high-resolution risk-scoring application, Gauge, to their underwriting process.

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