We Combine
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To Solve Business Challenges

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Solve for the Weather

The weather impacts everything – from underwriting property and insuring against rainfall, to forecasting crop yields and planning exercises for national security. Yet, attempts to mitigate the impact of weather across operations and assets are spotty and often incomplete.

Government agencies tasked with collecting and storing weather data for the public good offer no solution-ready answers for risk managers, claims adjusters, business analysts, and everyone in between.

Our foundation at Weather Analytics is reliable, rationalized, gap-free weather data. By leveraging the world’s best information, cleansed by a team of experienced meteorologists, we build rich, predictive insights based on the atmosphere’s best data collection.







Uncharted Territory

Climate and ecological change poses a great risk to a company’s assets yet, in some cases, represents an opportunity for global growth. Navigating the risks to one’s bottom line and identifying areas to grow one’s top line based on weather analysis remains largely uncharted.

Weather Analytics approaches this need in the marketplace head-on. By focusing on impact – ecological, atmospheric, or otherwise – and developing user-designed products built on science-based business intelligence, Weather Analytics solves customer challenges that actually change the way businesses operate.

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