Weather Analytics answers global weather and climate questions.

We deliver weather data in easily accessible formats that allow customers to focus their efforts on solving business problems versus aggregating, cleansing and interpreting data from raw sources, which may offer very limited value on their own.

Precise. Global. Intelligence.

Weather affects more than ⅓ of the global GDP.

The appetite for precision data for decision and operations support is growing exponentially and affecting industries ranging from insurance to engineering to transportation.

However, the availability of weather and climate data has not significantly changed for decades.

Weather Analytics helps to solve this challenge as the leading precise and reliable source for historical, current and forecast weather data, worldwide.

We help answer questions such as:

  • Is the proposed site for a solar-energy installation likely to generate enough solar radiation to warrant financing?

  • Which coastal properties are worth insuring based on minimal storm exposure?

  • Are changing weather patterns likely to affect crop production in the central Chilean growing regions?

  • Is it possible to verify a severe weather event on a property-by-property basis?

Weather Analytics also provides custom solutions for organizations requiring more complex weather intelligence.

Weather and Climate Data

Weather Analytics provides hour-by-hour, 35-km resolution, comprehensive weather data ranging from 35 years of historical weather to on-demand current conditions and forecasts out to seven days in convenient bundles for our customers, including:

  • Historical Gap-Free, Hourly Climate Data
  • Current Conditions & Forecasted Weather Data
  • Modeling & Simulation Climate Data (Typical and Actual Meteorological Years)

We have amassed weather data that is collected, aggregated, cleansed and delivered in a way that is reliable, replicable and customizable. Weather Analytics makes comprehensive global weather data uniquely and directly accessible for analytics, decision support and control systems. Getting better answers can save time, money and resources that can be used in other ways.

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Weather Analytics also provides custom solutions for organizations requiring more complex weather intelligence – such as specific variables or weather impact indices, climate at altitudes not included in our standard packages, or industry-specific weather data reports.