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Weather Analytics is opening its data up to you, the

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    For a chance to win $5,000!

    From July 1st-July 31st, Weather Analytics invites you to create a visualization using our data. Submit your design by July 31st for a chance to win a cash prize.

    Anyone can participate. Use of other (open) data sources is encouraged!
    See below for details.

    1st Place $5,000

    2nd Place $1,000

    3rd Place $500

    Sky's the limit

    Come up with something cool - a widget, a dynamic visualization, an infographic, ANYTHING, and you could walk away with $5,000 and the envy of all meteorologists and data scientists the world over.

    Host your creation on your blog or website and send a link to

    Contest Now Closed

    Check back soon for the winners!

    Looking for some inspiration?

    Here's some fun projects from the interwebs:     Charting Disasters    weatherinline    Noisli    Drake Weather    NullSchool

    Climate Crush is a weather data visualization contest with a cash prize. Weather Analytics opens its data and invites participants to create a visualization – infographic, dynamic interface, widget, app, anything – using the weather data (as well as any other open data sources). Host the project online and submit a link to by July 31st. Prizes will be awarded to top three entries – $5000 for first place, $1000 for second, and $500 for third.

    Contest Rules & FAQ

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  • How do I enter my submission?
    Participants are expected to host their visualization on their own site or portfolio. Send an email to with a link to the submission. Static images or infographics can also be sent as attachments.
  • Where do I find the datasets?
    On this page! Scroll up or click here.
  • Are there any restrictions on the software I can use for visualizing data?
    Nope! As long as the final result can be viewed within a webpage without the need for the software, all is acceptable.
  • What are the datasets?
    Three datasets are available for you. You only need to choose one. They are as follows:
    Global Contrast: Last 5 years of weather conditions for Singapore and Cairo.
    Hometown Glory: Last 10 years of weather conditions for Washington DC area.
    Global Contrast: Last 10 years of precipitation data for all of U.S.West Coast (California, Washington, and Oregon).
    • What format will the data be in?
      All datasets will be in CSV format.
    • Where do I download the data?
      On this page! Bookmark it now! Get ready for July 1st!
    • How long does the contest run for?
      Weather Analytics will open a few datasets on July 1st for download. The datasets will be available until the end of the contest deadline, July 31st. We encourage those especially interested to submit early and often!
    • Do I have to use all the data in the set?
      We encourage participants to use as much data as their visualization allows, however it is not required to use the full dataset?
    • How many visualizations can I submit?
      There are no limits on the number of entries from any one participant.
    • What criteria will my submission be judged on?
      Submissions will be judged on innovation and creativity (including fusion of non-weather data sources), intuition and clarity, and aesthetics. Attention will also be given to the practicality of the submission.
    • Can I use outside data sources other than what Weather Analytics provided for the competition?
      Use of outside data sources is encouraged so long as the data is open! Check back as we will post links to other open datasets that might be of interest.
    • Are there restrictions on who can participate?
      The contest is open to everyone. However, Weather Analytics employees and their family members are not eligible for cash prizes.
    • Can I enter as a team?
      Yes, there are no restrictions on number of participants per entry. Collaboration is key!
    • Who owns the designs?
      The three winning submissions will grant exclusive rights of use to Weather Analytics LLC upon accepting the cash prize. All other submissions are owned by the creator – however, by submitting your design to the contest, Weather Analytics reserves the right to use and distribute for marketing and promotional purposes (e.g. on our blog), with or without credit to the creator.
    • When will the winners be announced?
      Winners will be announced approximately 30 days after the contest closes.
    • I still don’t know what to create – really anything?
      Yes, anything. As long as the final design or project is primarily data-driven, you’ll do great!
    • There are three datasets here – am I supposed to use all three?
      Nope! Participants only need to choose one. We’ve opened multiple datasets to allow for a variety of visualizations. However, participants are welcome to submit multiple projects.
    • Is Weather Analytics hiring?
      Weather Analytics is always looking for new graphic and data visualization talent. However, a winning submission does not guarantee employment at Weather Analytics.
    • I’ve still got more questions!
      No worries! Shoot us a note at and we’ll get right back to you.


    1. Terms and Conditions
      The datasets available here are wholly owned by Weather Analytics LLC and are offered for free use solely for the purpose of the Climate Crush data visualization contest.Use of this data for commercial purposes outside of Weather Analytics LLC and without its explicit, written permission in advance of usage is strictly prohibited.Submission of a visualization to Climate Crush does not guarantee a cash prize and is not an offer of employment, a consulting contract or any other benefit.Any submission to Climate Crush may be used for promotional purposes by Weather Analytics LLC without reference to the submission’s creator. The top three winning submissions and the intellectual property that they represent are owned exclusively by Weather Analytics LLC.

      By downloading the data you acknowledge that you have accepted these terms.

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